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QLD Motor Vehicle Register Pre June 1998 Plate Search FAQ

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What information will I get from a Pre June 1998 Plate Search?

A Pre June 1998 Plate Search provides valid registration information for Motor Vehicle, Caravans and Trailers registered in Queensland for a specific date prior to June 1998. A result includes:

  • Customer Reference Number, also called a CRN, allocated by Queensland Transport to their customers (in this case a registered owner).
  • a juvenile flag (N if the registered owner is over 18).
  • the registered owner's name and address.
  • registration details including Registration Category, Registration Status, Registration Expiry Date, Payment Mode, Payment Term (months), CTP Insurance Class & CTP Insurer.
  • vehicle details including the VIN, Engine Number, Make, Model Code, Body Shape, Fuel Type, Num of Cylinders, Steering Mechanism and Tare (kg).

What is the correct format for a Vehicle Registration Number?

Vehicle registration numbers can have up to six alpha-numeric characters in any combination, for example ABC123. Do not enter spaces or hyphens (-) within the registration number.

How long will it take to receive my Pre June 1998 Plate Search Results?

The approximate turnaround time for these results is 10 business days.

Why are no registration details returned for some plates?

Some registration details are not available due to the nature of their ownership, for example, Queensland Police vehicles will not display registration details.

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