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QLD Motor Vehicle Register Owner Name Search FAQ

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Can I get online access to registration searches by owner name?

This option is only available to certain State and Federal Government Departments. It is restricted by Queensland Privacy Laws.

How do I request access to registration searches by owner name?

Click on the Request for Access link under Application for QLD Motor Vehicle Register Access on the QLD Motor Vehicle Register Main menu. Complete the details required and an application pack will be sent to you. Applications are individually considered by Queensland Transport.

What is the best information to search with?

It is recommended that the person's surname and given name be entered. This will return a list of matches including middle names or initials. If too many matches are found, a message will display indicating there are more matches. For common names we suggest including extra details if known, such as middle name or date of birth. Note that if a middle name is entered, but not held on a specific record in the system, then that record will not be matched.

The Surname field is mandatory. If a person has only one name, this should be entered in the Surname field. At least 2 characters of the name must be entered in order to conduct a search.

What is the difference between a Current Owner Name search and a Point in Time Owner Name search?

A Current Search will retrieve the most recent registration details, whereas a Point in Time Search will retrieve registration details as recorded against an owner on a specific date. The Point in Time Owner Name Search is only available for registration details on or after 09/06/1998.

This search option may be helpful if you are searching on former directors of a company, and need to determine assets held at a specific point in time.

When should I use the Include Similar Sounding Names checkbox?

Use this function for unusual spellings or hyphenated names. Enter the names without any hyphens or spaces. However, common names may return too many matches.

The Gender field is not mandatory, when should I include it in my search criteria?

The gender field may be useful to narrow searches of common names. If an option is not selected from the Gender droplist, then all Genders will be included in the search criteria.

If "not supplied" is selected, then only those persons that do not have Male or Female gender recorded on the database are included.

The Date of Birth field is not mandatory, should I enter it?

Date of Birth is useful to narrow searches of common names. Only enter a birthdate if you are certain of the accuracy of the information.

This search will return a list of all people born within one year of the date of birth entered.

How does the Approximate Age field work?

The approximate age field is useful for narrowing down a search for common names. It searches for people up to 5 years younger and 5 years older than the age you have entered. It should only be used if you are confident of the general age of the person you are searching on.

What details should be entered in the Organisation field?

Do not include common prefixes or suffixes such as "The", "Pty" or "Ltd". Some companies have both a company name and a trading name and vehicles can be registered under either name.

Should I use the Customer Reference Number field?

Only enter a Queensland Transport Customer Reference Number if you are sure of its accuracy. This criteria will return a single match.

Is there a limit to how many registration numbers will be returned?

The maximum number of vehicles that can be returned for an owner is 75. Some companies, for example car fleet companies or large organisations, may have more than 75 vehicles. Returned registration numbers may be current, expired or cancelled - the status of the registration will be displayed on the search extract.