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VIC Magistrates' Court eFiling Overview

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What is VIC Magistrates' Court eFiling?

VIC Magistrates' Court eFiling is a restricted system for clients registered with the Victorian Department of Justice as EDI users. Legal practitioners who wish to apply for EDI access via CITEC Confirm should complete the application form. Please return the completed EDI form to the CITEC Confirm Melbourne Office:

CITEC Confirm
GPO Box 5097BB
Melbourne, VIC 3001


Magistrates Court IT Coordinator
Level 1, 233 William St
Melbourne, VIC 3000

What are the hours of operation?

You can access CITEC Confirm's Magistrates' Court of Victoria eFiling system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Documents can only be successfully lodged during registry hours; if you attempt to lodge a document after the closing time of the corresponding registry, it will be processed next business day and stamped accordingly.

Registry hours 9:00am to 4:30pm, Mon - Fri (AEDT)
Note: Documents can be electronically lodged to the Magistrates' Court of Victoria until 5:00pm, Mon - Fri (AEDT). For example:
Lodgement time Document stamp
6:00am, Mon 16th Mon 16th
4:50pm, Mon 16th Mon 16th
5:40pm, Mon 16th Tues 17th

When are documents sent to the VIC Magistrates' Court?

Lodged documents are downloaded from CITEC Confirm to the VIC Magistrates' Court between 5:00pm - 5:30pm every Monday to Friday.

The previous days lodgements are returned to CITEC Confirm the following business day between 9:30am - 10:00am.

How do Victorian public holidays affect the processing of documents?

New documents created on public holidays will not be processed until the following working day but responses from the previous work day are unaffected by the holiday and will be available at the normal time.

For example, if Monday is public holiday, documents lodged Friday will be processed Friday night and returned on Monday morning. Documents lodged Monday will be processed Tuesday night and returned Wednesday morning.

Are there restrictions on the electronic lodgement of documents?

For the most part, the same rules regarding submission apply to the electronic lodgement of documents and manual lodgements. The following important points should be considered.

  • A Complaint must be lodged electronically for any subsequent lodgements to be done electronically. Not all courts accept electronic Default Orders - see Court Location Codes for further information.
  • The maximum claim amount for an electronic Default Order has been set at $100,000 by the Victorian Department of Justice.

Further information regarding specific lodgement types is available by selecting the relevant document link on the VIC Magistrates' Court eFiling FAQ Menu.

How do I use the Profile feature?

Profiles allow you to pre-enter information regarding clients or cases that you use frequently. For detailed help with profiles, please refer to the Maintain Profiles FAQ.

How do I use the Select Codes links?

A Select Code link will open a browser window containing all of the available options for a particular field. Selecting from this list will automatically populate the field with your choice. Codes can be entered directly in to the fields when they are already known.

The codes in each list are provided by the Victorian Magistrates' Court. If you believe a code is missing from the list, please contact CITEC Confrim with the details so that an amendment can be made in conjunction with the Victorian Magistrates' Court.

How do I move between screens within each document?

The new format of the VIC Magistrates' Court Document Lodgement allows you to move between screens using 2 different techniques depending on your requirements.

At the top of each input screen there are a series of blue tabs, each of which reflect a separate input screen. You can select the tabs in any order, even choosing to ignore screens that only contain optional information.

At the bottom of each input screen there is a NEXT button. Clicking NEXT will take you to the next screen (or tab) in sequence.

Selecting a tab or clicking NEXT will save the information you have already entered on a particular screen.

How do I know which information on each screen is mandatory?

Mandatory information is identified by a red asterisk and conditional information by a green asterisk.

For example, the Claim, Primary Plaintiff, Defendants and Claim Description screens are mandatory when creating a Complaint. The tab for each of these screens displays a red asterisk.

On the Claim screen, it is mandatory to include an Incident Date, as indicated by the red asterisk. However, that date can be defined as On, Near or Between, as indicated by the green asterisk next to each of these options.

Can I lodge the document from any screen?

Documents can be lodged from any screen displaying the Lodge button but will error if any mandatory information has been omitted.

Will CLEAR ALL wipe out all the information I have entered?

The CLEAR ALL button will only remove information from the screen (tab) you are on.

Can I review and edit a document after I have lodged it?

When a document is lodged, a document summary is displayed. You are encouraged to print and review this summary prior to the document being sent to the VIC Magistrates' Court. It is your responsibility to ensure that completed documents are correct before the automatic upload to VIC Magistrates' Court at 5:00pm each business day.

If any changes are desired, you can access the document in question through the Maintain Documents link on the VIC Magistrate's Court Document Lodgement menu and edit it accordingly. For further information, see the Maintain Documents FAQ.

Please note that you should NOT attempt to edit a document by using your browser back button to return to screens that you wish to change. This will generate the error "This document could not be updated because the document has been modified or locked" and any changes will not be saved.

Are there any technical requirements for this system?

Adobe Acrobat© Reader™ (please see Confirm Software Downloads) is required to view pdf files.

How do I use the Print Successful Lodgements option?

This feature provides you with a summary of all successful documents not yet printed. From this summary, you can choose to print the next 10 documents or select individual documents to print. Documents are displayed in a PDF file for printing. More documents must not be printed until the PDF file has been created. Successful documents will continue to appear on this summary until they have been printed.

How do I use the Previous Days Lodgements option?

This feature is a refinement of the Maintain Documents feature, allowing you to instantly access those documents lodged on a particular day. This feature is particularly useful to display the documents you lodged yesterday.

How do I use the Close Case option?

The Close Case feature will archive the nominated complaint and all associated documents. You will no longer be able to create new documents for this case or view existing documents. A case can only be archived if all documents have a status of successful or deleted.