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VIC Magistrates' Court eFiling Maintain Documents FAQ

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Can I review and edit a document after I have lodged it?

Selecting the Maintain Documents option will take you to a search screen from which you can describe a specific document or generate a list of documents that match certain criteria. The documents which match your criteria are displayed in groups of 10. A link below the list allows you to view the next group of documents that match your criteria.

Each document will have a link describing its Status, and most will have links to possible Actions.

How do I Edit a document?

Documents can be edited through Maintain Documents as long as their status is either Waiting, Hold or Rejected. In each of these cases the document will have an Edit action link. Selecting this link will display the relevant document input screens prefilled with the original information. Existing information can be modified or removed and new information can be added. Naturally, individual components of a profile can not be modified, although profiles can be cleared and/or replaced.

Please note that you should NOT attempt to edit a document by using your browser back button after you have lodged the document. This will generate the error "This document could not be updated because the document has been modified or locked" and any changes will not be saved.

How do I use the Hold option?

The hold option allows you to create a document but delay sending it to the Magistrate's Court. Documents can be placed on hold at the time they are created or later through Maintain Documents. Please note that documents must be placed on hold before 5.00pm (business days) or they will automatically be sent for processing.

There is no limit to how long a document can be held but a case cannot be closed if any of its documents are on hold, nor can a new document be lodged for a defendant for whom a document is being held. Documents on hold can be edited, but once lodged they go back to waiting unless they are put on hold again. There is no charge for putting a document on hold.

How do I place a document on Hold?

All documents display a summary screen when they are lodged. In the top right corner of this screen is a Hold button that will remove your newly created document from the waiting list. The summary will be redisplayed with text at the top advising that your document is now on hold.

Previously created documents with a status of waiting can be put on hold through Maintain Documents by selecting the Hold action link. An 'on hold' summary screen will be displayed and refreshing the document list will show the new status.

How do I remove a document from Hold?

Editing a document on hold will always remove it from hold status (although it can be placed on hold again from the summary screen). To remove a document from hold without making any edits, select Remove Hold action link from the maintain documents list and refresh the screen to show the new status.


  • Successful*
    The successful document was returned from DOJ and has been printed.

  • Successful
    The successful document was returned from DOJ and is available for printing. No valid further actions.

  • Rejected
    The document has been returned from DOJ and contained errors. Edit and Delete are valid actions. The document will not be resent to DOJ until it has been edited and lodged again.

  • Pending
    The document has been sent to DOJ but has not yet been returned to CITEC Confirm. No valid actions.

  • Waiting
    The document will be sent to DOJ at the next file upload. Edit, Hold and Delete are valid actions.

  • Deleted
    The document has been deleted. No valid further actions. Successful documents can not be deleted.

  • Hold
    The document will not be sent to DOJ until the hold is revoked. Edit*, Remove Hold and Delete are valid actions.

*Editing a document will automatically remove its hold status.


  • Edit - Document input screens are displayed pre-filled with previously entered information, available to edit and lodge. Editing a document returns it to a waiting status.
  • Delete - The document will no longer be available to edit or lodge.
  • Hold - The document will be placed in hold status.
  • Remove Hold - The document will be returned to waiting status.