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VIC Magistrates' Court eFiling Documents and Codes

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This information is current as of November 2020. Changes may be made at the discretion of the Magistrates' Court of Victoria. This list is a guide only.

Court Location Codes

  • An eFiling Available flag of 'Yes' means that the Court can accept electronic lodgements for Complaints, Warrants to Seize Property and Summons to Attend for Oral Examinations. A flag of 'No' means that the Court can only accept manual lodgements.
  • A Default Orders flag of 'Yes' means that the Court can also accept electronic lodgements for Default Orders. Courts with a flag of 'No' can only accept manual Default Order lodgements.
Court Location Code eFiling Available Default Orders
Ararat 57 Yes No
Bacchus Marsh 77 No No
Bairnsdale 39 Yes Yes
Ballarat 10 Yes Yes
Benalla 40 Yes Yes
Bendigo 21 Yes Yes
Broadmeadows 11 Yes Yes
Castlemaine 70 Yes Yes
Cobram 71 Yes No
Colac 72 Yes Yes
Dandenong 9 Yes Yes
Dromana 83 No No
Echuca 50 Yes Yes
Frankston 8 Yes Yes
Geelong 4 Yes Yes
Hamilton 62 Yes Yes
Heidelberg 24 Yes Yes
Hopetoun 121 Yes No
Horsham 41 Yes Yes
Kerang 63 Yes No
Korumburra 64 Yes Yes
Kyneton 65 Yes No
La Trobe Valley 97 Yes Yes
Mansfield 102 Yes Yes
Maryborough 81 Yes No
Melbourne 2 Yes Yes
Mildura 27 Yes Yes
Moe 42 No No
Moorabbin 227 Yes Yes
Myrtleford 92 Yes No
Nhill 107 Yes No
Omeo 118 No No
Orbost 113 Yes No
Ouyen 119 Yes No
Portland 58 Yes Yes
Prahran 3 No No
Preston 6 No No
Ringwood 17 Yes Yes
Robinvale 108 Yes No
Sale 44 Yes Yes
Seymour 32 Yes Yes
Shepparton 20 Yes Yes
St. Arnaud 114 Yes No
Stawell 76 Yes No
Sunshine 13 Yes Yes
Swan Hill 52 Yes No
Wangaratta 30 Yes Yes
Warrnambool 31 Yes Yes
Werribee* 54 Yes Yes
Wodonga 29 Yes Yes
Wonthaggi 59 Yes Yes

*All electronic lodgements for the Werribee Magistrates' Court are redirected to the Sunshine Magistrates' Court.

Cause of Action Codes

  • A Liquidated claim is one where the amount of damages being claimed is a fixed sum supported by positive data, such as a contract. An Unliquidated claim is one where damages are being claimed but have yet to be, or are unable to be, calculated exactly. The claim amount is therefore an estimate on which the plaintiff is asking the court to make a judgement. It is not currently possible to electronically lodge a Default Order, Warrant to Seize Property or Summons to Attend for Oral Examination when the Cause of Action for the Complaint is unliquidated.
Code Liquidated Fee Exempt Description
AR Yes No Arrears of Rates
BC Yes No Breach of Contract/Agreement (Non-payment)
CA No No Claim under Accident Compensation Act
CT Yes No Commonwealth Tax
CW No No Claim under WorkCover Division
CX Yes No Cluster Titles
DA No No Damages
DB No No Damages for Breach Contract/Agreement
DC^ Yes No Dishonoured Cheque/Bill of Exchange/Promissory Note*
DE Yes No Debt
DN No No Damages for Negligence
DX No No Dentinue and Conversion
ER No No Equitable Relief
GS Yes No Goods Sold and Delivered
HG Yes No Hire of Goods and Chattels
IG Yes No Instrument of Guarantee
LG Yes No Local Government Rates and Charges
LT Yes No Landlord and Tenant Act
MD Yes No Monies Due
ML Yes No Money Lent and Interest Due
MR Yes No Money Received
PD No No Property Damage (Non-Vehicle)
PI No No Personal Injury
RG No No Return of Goods/Damages
SI No No Statutory Indemnity
SR Yes No Services Rendered
ST Yes No State Tax
SX Yes No Strata Title
UO Yes No Use and Occupance
VO No No Vehicle Property Damage (Other)
VP No No Vehicle Property Damage (Repair/Total Loss Only)
WL Yes No Work and Labour Done
WM Yes No Work and Labour Done and Materials Supplied
WP Yes No Recovery of Workcover Premiums
XA Yes No Monies Owed to SEC
XB Yes No Unpaid Government Rates, Duties or Taxes
XC Yes No Arrears of Workcare Levy
XR Yes No Recovery of Monies Due to Vic Roads
XV* Yes No Recovery of Monies Due to Vic Roads*

*DC and XV are the only 2 Cause of Action codes that may be used on an Instruments Act Complaint. There is a filing/issue fee for Instrument Act Complaints but professional fees can not be claimed.