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WA Lands Survey Search FAQ

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What information will I get from a Survey Search?

You can obtain a copy of a survey through this search. A survey is a diagram of a parcel of land showing the dimensions of the land parcel and other details collected when the land was last surveyed. Survey items include:

  • Diagrams
  • Plans/Deposited Plans
  • Deposited Plans
  • Strata Plans

What search criteria should I use to perform a Survey Search?

You will be required to enter Your Reference, the Survey Type and the Survey Number.

Field Name Valid Criteria
Your Reference Any combination of up to 40 of the following characters: a-z A-Z 0-9 -/&@_().=*:,+ and spaces.
Survey Type A survey must be selected from the dropdown menu. Survey types include:
  • P = Plan/Deposited Plans 
  • D = Diagram 
  • S = Strata/Survey Strata
Survey Number This is the unique identifier allocated to the survey. Some examples include:
  • 12345
  • 54827
  • 47891

Specifically the format for entering a Survey Number should be numerical.

How long should it take for results to be returned?

Most results will be available within minutes. However, if a search requires manual processing, results may take up to three business days to be returned.

How do I view the results?

Real-time results will be displayed on screen within minutes and are also available from the CITEC Confirm Inbox. However, manually processed results will be sent to your nominated email address.

Where are results stored?

Real-time results are stored in the CITEC Confirm Inbox for 30 days after the search was performed. As manually processed results are sent to your nominated email address, they are not stored in the CITEC Confirm Inbox.

Please Note: If you require another copy of your manually processed results, please contact the CITEC Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773.