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WA Lands Searches System Overview FAQ

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How do I know which search to use?

The following quick reference table will assist you in determining which search option to use. Click on the Sample Result hyperlinks to view samples or click on the Search Option hyperlinks to view more detailed information.

Search Option Main Search Criteria Results Result Sample Notes
Title Search Title Reference A scanned copy of the title. Sample Complete a Name Search or Address Search to retrieve a Title Reference if unknown.
Check Search Title Reference An extract summarising any action(s) associated with a Certificate of Title over a specified period of time. Sample Use this search to check if there was any movement on the Title during a specified period (up to three months).
Document Search Document Number A scanned copy of the document. Sample Complete a Title Search to retrieve a Document Number if unknown.
Survey Search Title SurveyNumber A scanned copy of the Survey/Plan. Sample Order a copy of the Title to find the Survey Number if unknown.
Name Search Registered Name/ Organisation Name A browse list of names matching your criteria. Sample Use this search to obtain a list of results matching your search criteria.
Address Search Address A browse list of addresses matching your criteria. Sample Use this search to obtain a list of results matching your search criteria.

How can I order a Title using a Parcel Identifier?

After performing a Name Search or an Address Search, you will be provided with a Parcel Identifier as part of the search results. When a Parcel Identifier is returned, it can then be matched to your search criteria. If a correct match is found, a Title Search can then be performed.

How are WA Lands requests processed?

CITEC Confirm clients can now access information relating to all WA Land Searches in real-time. Most results for these searches will be returned to you within minutes. There are some searches that may proceed to a manual process, in which case the CITEC Confirm Service Centre will email these results to you within three business days.

Please Note: Some searches may not be returned immediately if an image of the document does not exist. These documents are not available from the automated system and may need to be manually retrieved from archives by Landgate. Documents of this type may take several days to retrieve. You will be advised if the document you have requested requires manual retrieval.

Will I be charged if there are no results found?

You will be charged if no results are available. Refunds will not be given for cancelled titles, surveys or documents. These will be charged and processed at the same rate as a current document.

How can I keep track of searches I have performed?

Results for all WA Land Searches will be available from the CITEC Confirm Inbox for 30 days. The Inbox also allows you to check on the status of manually retrieved orders. The following Result Statuses are available:

  • COMPLETED: This status will be displayed when your search has returned a result online and has therefore completed successfully.
  • ORDERED: This status will be displayed if your result requires manual processing.
  • PENDING: This status will be displayed while the system is waiting for a response from the provider.
  • ERROR: This status will be displayed when search criteria is missing or incorrect.

You can check on the status of your searches, or access your results for real-time searches at any time by visiting the CITEC Confirm Inbox.

Please Note:

  • Results for searches requiring manual processing will be emailed to your nominated email address and are not stored in the Inbox.
  • Print the Confirmation screen when you complete your search. The information displayed on the confirmation page will assist the CITEC Confirm Service Centre in identifying your order should you have any queries.

How can I update my delivery details?

For detailed information on updating your delivery details please visit the Profile FAQ.

Is there a reduced fee for multiple WA Land Searches?

If a Title Search and Check Search are performed on the same calendar day, using the same Title Reference, the Title Search will incur a reduced fee. For more information please visit the Fees page.