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WA Lands Document Search FAQ

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What information will I get from a Document Search?

By using the Document Search facility, you can obtain copies of registered documents. Some examples of the types of documents you can order include:

  • Caveats
  • Transfers
  • Mortgages

What search criteria should I use to perform a Document Search?

You will need to enter a valid Document Number, and for Year Documents, you will also need to select the document type. You will also need to provide Your Reference.  Document Numbers are generally listed on a relevant title.

Field Name Valid Criteria
Document Number The Document Number is a unique number allocated to each document filed in the WA Land system. Some examples include:
  • D23456
  • 3/1963

More information on Document Numbers:

  • For Non-Year Documents - the number should be an alphabetic character followed by a number between 1-6 digits.  Example:  D23456
  • For Year Documents - the number should be 1-6 digits followed by a forward slash ( / ), and then followed by a year value between 1875 and 1969 inclusive. Example:  3/1963
Document Type The Document Type is only required if you are ordering a Year Document.
  • Where a Year Document is ordered, use the drop down menu to select a Document Type.
Page Options As many documents can contain large numbers of pages, the Page Options field can be used to narrow down the results returned.
  • All Pages
  • Default Pages
Your Reference Any combination of up to 40 of the following characters: a-z A-Z 0-9 -/&@_().=*:,+ and spaces.

How long should it take for results to be returned?

Most results will be available within minutes. However, if a search requires manual processing, results may take up to three business days to be returned.

How do I view the results?

Real-time results will be displayed on screen within minutes and are also available from the CITEC Confirm Inbox.  However, manually processed results will be sent to your nominated email address.

Where are results stored?

Real-time results are stored in the CITEC Confirm Inbox for 30 days after the search was performed. As manually processed results are sent to your nominated email address, they are not stored in the CITEC Confirm Inbox.

Please Note: If you require another copy of your manually processed results, please contact the CITEC Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773.