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WA Lands Check Search FAQ

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What information will I get from a Check Search?

A Check Search will reveal if there has been any activity on a Title during a specified period of time. The Check Search will use today's date as a start time and search back to the date you specify in the From date field, the search will then indicate if there has been any activity on the Title between those dates. The maximum range for this search is three months prior to today's date.

Please Note: If the From date field is left blank, the search will default to three months prior to today's date.

What search criteria should I use to perform a Check Search?

You will need to enter a Volume/Folio. The Volume/Folio (Title Reference) is the unique identifier allocated to each Title. You can also enter information in the From date field to specify the starting date of the Check Search.

The format for entering a Volume/Folio should be: 

  • a numeric volume number up to five digits
  • followed by a "space", "/" or "-"
  • followed by numeric folio number up to five digits 
  • optionally followed by the letter “a” (this suffix must not be present for LR or CL formats)


  1. CL579 1992
  2. LR3099/591
  3. 1159/79
  4. 277/197a
  5. 1502 599
  6. 4-328a

How long should it take for a result to be returned?

Results will be available within minutes.

How do I view the results?

Results will be displayed on screen within minutes and are also available from the CITEC Confirm Inbox. 

Where are results stored?

Results are stored in the CITEC Confirm Inbox for 30 days after the search was performed.