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WA Lands Address Search FAQ

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What information will I get from an Address Search?

This search will return a summary list of Street Addresses matching your search criteria. Where possible a successful search may return details such as:

  • Registered Name/Organisation Name
  • Street Address
  • Title Reference
  • Parcel Identifier
  • Other Related Searches

What search criteria should I use to perform a Name Search?

For an Individual Name Search, you are required to enter a Surname and Given name.

Example: Smith, John

For an Organisation Name Search, you are required to enter an Organisation's Name.

Example: ABC Company

How long should it take for results to be returned?

Results will be available within minutes.

How do I view the results?

Results will be displayed on screen within minutes and are also available from the CITEC Confirm Inbox.

Where are results stored?

Results are stored in the CITEC Confirm Inbox for 30 days after the search was performed.