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NSW OSR Land Valuation Certificate FAQ

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How do I get access to NSW OSR Valuation Certificates online?

Access to NSW OSR Valuation Certificates online must be enabled for your CITEC Confirm account.

You can request access by completing the Request for Access Form available from the NSW Land Tax Clearance and Valuation Certificates Menu. Simply select 'Request Access to NSW OSR Certificates' and complete the required fields. If your account is already set-up to access National Settlement Services then you are not required to complete another Request for Access.

The following details will be required in order to enable access for your account:

  • CITEC Confirm Account code
  • Company Name
  • Contact Name
  • Email address for the account
  • Phone Number
  • Postal Address

An Invoiced account with CITEC Confirm is a requirement to be granted access to these services.

If you are unsure whether your CITEC Confirm account is Invoiced or Pre-Pay, or you would like to set up an invoiced account, please contact the Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773 or

What information will I get from a Land Valuation Certificate?

A Land Valuation Certificate will display the following details for the subject property:

  • the applicants
  • land description
  • land address
  • tax year
  • taxable land value
  • value type
  • customer information, including the scale of rates for the current tax year.

How long are the Certificates valid for?

Certificates are only valid for the calendar year of issue. For example, a certificate ordered during December will expire on December 31 of that same year.

It is not possible to request a reissue of an expired certificate. Accordingly, you may prefer to withhold your certificate applications until 1 January.

How do I retrieve my results and track status of certificate orders?

Select Check Status of Orders (intelli-Doc) on the NSW Land Tax Clearance and Valuation Certificates Menu. The intelli-Doc screen will display. You will be able to search through orders, track their status, review errors and retrieve certificates for completed orders. You can search for orders using the date range, Keyword and File Reference search fields.

Documents in intelli-Doc can be emailed or saved to another location using the Email and Save buttons.

Why has my certificate been delayed?

Certificates are delayed when NSW OSR is not able to find an exact match for the subject property and need to review the information before a certificate can be produced. In these cases your order will have a status of “Pending” when viewed via Check Status of Orders (intelli-Doc).

The certificate will be returned as soon as it becomes available.

How long will my delayed certificate take to process?

Delayed Valuation Certificates typically take up to a week to process, but in some cases may take longer. If the certificate could not be produced then the status of your order in Check Status of Orders (intelli-Doc) shall be set to “Review” and the associated document will detail the error message returned from NSW OSR.

How can I prevent my requests from being delayed?

Ensure that the information you provide is accurate. The NSW Office of State Revenue has identified incorrect details including incorrect spelling of address details and incorrect title references as common causes of delayed requests.

Are all prior Land Valuations available?

Land Valuations can be requested for any year from 1993 to the current year. Valuations prior to 1993 are not available electronically and need to be requested directly from the Office of State Revenue.

Can I order Valuations across multiple years?

Yes; double-click on each year for which you wish to order a valuation.

A separate charge will be applied for each year ordered.

Can I search on more than one lot in a DP at a time?

Up to 60 lots can be included in a single deposited plan application where they are all part of one valuable property.

What if the property has been subdivided recently?

The Subdivision fields allow you to enter up to 30 “original” or “prior” land descriptions. The Title reference fields are mandatory if subdivision details are entered.

How do I find the telephone number country code?

Select the Country code field and start typing the Country name. The select list will display the applicable country code.