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Equifax Company/Business Express FAQ

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What information will I get from a Company/Business Express Search?

A Company/Business Express search can be completed on all Companies and Businesses in Australia and provides:

  • A search of public record data on that Company/Business.
  • Where available, a Equifax on-file Company/Business Name Search.
  • A search of the Equifax database.
  • Where available, a credit score based on the analysis of the entire Equifax database, including public record.

It is recommended that the Company/Business Express search be utilised for small to medium size organisations.

How is credit score calculated?

Credit scores are produced by analysing over 250 characteristics according to the industry accepted and proven statistical processes. The Equifax Company/Business scorecard outlines the key contributing factors impacting on the assessment and may include factors such as:

  • History of type of Credit sought
  • Number of Enquiries
  • Shopping Pattern
  • Company Information
  • Age of File and Pattern of Enquiries
  • Industry Characteristics
  • Director Derogatory Information recorded
  • Default Information recorded
  • Court Writ Information recorded

Please note that some of these factors can only be assessed if this information is on file on the Equifax database at the time of your Company/Business Express search.

What information should I enter as search criteria?

Please take care to enter correct and clear information to ensure that you receive the best possible result for your search. Company/Business Name, Company Type, ACN/ARBN or ABN, Property, Unit No., Street No., Street Name, Street Type, Suburb, State and Post Code may all be entered as search criteria.

For the conditional fields, as a minimum, you must enter either Property or Street Name and Number.

  • If the Property is not entered and Street Name is entered, then the Street Number must be entered
  • If the Property is entered and Street Name is entered, the Street Number can be omitted
  • The Street Number may not be entered without a Street Name

What information should I enter in the Property field?

If the property has a name you can enter this detail in the property field.

Can I enter information in the Street Type field without using the "Select Code"?

You can enter information into any of the fields without using the "Select Code".

An exact match has been found for the property I am searching, how do I view the results?

Clicking on the 'Company/Business Express Result' button will return the result as a .pdf document in a separate browser window.

I have viewed my result, how do I return to the property details screen?

The result is returned as a .pdf document in a separate browser window. Closing this browser window will return you to the Company/Business Express search result page.

Why has a browse list been returned that doesn't list the Company/Business I was searching?

An exact match has not been found for this property however a partial match is found. The list contains a selection of possible companies/businesses that may match the search criteria. At this point you have not been charged. Either select the appropriate list entry to proceed with the search (charge point) or return to the organisation details screen.

What if no result is found for my search?

Fees are only charged when your search is successful. If no results match the criteria you have entered then a message may be displayed advising: "No match was found for the information provided." Entering additional information may refine your search and return a match.