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ASIC Professional Register Search FAQ

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What kind of information is listed in a Professional Register Extract?

A Professional Register Extract will include information on an individual such as their place of practice, companies in which they have a recorded role, the role(s) held, the company address, and the date(s) of appointment and cessation.

What kind of roles are recorded in a Professional Register Extract?

For a full list of the roles that may appear on a Professional Register Extract, please refer to the Officer Roles for Registers section of the ASIC Code Table.

What registers are available for the Professional Register Extract?

The Registers available include:

  • Futures brokers
  • Futures advisers
  • Investment Adviser
  • Official liquidators
  • Registered liquidators
  • Security dealers

The list of Registered Auditors is not available via this service, it is available from the ASIC web site.

How does the Professional Register Search find results by name?

A search by name is based on the characters provided. For example, if you have entered SM, the result will list all names starting with SM.


Please Note:
Entering more than two characters will refine the search and reduce the number of matches.

How many results can be returned for a single Professional Register Search?

There is no limit on the number of results per search. Refining your criteria before resubmitting the search will reduce the number of matches found.