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ASIC Personal Name Search FAQ

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What kind of information is listed in a Personal Name Extract?

A Personal Name Extract will include information on an individual such as their date and place of birth, companies in which they have a recorded role, the role(s) held, the date(s) of appointment and cessation and their address.

How does the ASIC Personal Document order differ from the ASIC Personal Extract?

The ASIC Personal Document order allows you to access scanned images of all publicly available documents registered with the ASIC since 1 January 1991. The ASIC Personal Name Extract will include information on an individual.

What kind of roles are recorded in a Personal Name Extract?

For a full list of the roles that may appear on a Personal Name Extract, please refer to the License/Register Roles - Personal Name Extracts Only and Roles sections of the ASIC Code Table.

How many roles can an individual have?

There is no limit to how many roles an individual may hold, however a Personal Name Extract will only show 999 roles.

For larger extracts please contact the Confirm Service Centre on 1800 773 773 or by email at A Confirm Service Centre representative will contact ASIC on your behalf.

How does using the Date of Birth range affect the search?

If a date of birth range is supplied, the results will usually be restricted to those entries having dates of birth in the specified range. However, if two or more given names are supplied, the system will additionally perform an EXACT match search on the name, thus possibly returning entries with no date of birth or a date of birth outside the range.

How does the Personal Name Search find results?

The Personal Name Search incorporates four search levels in order to produce the best results for each search. The search will proceed through the following four levels of Word Match Searching until all entries have been found or the limit of 100 entries has been exceeded.

The following examples are all based on the search criteria SMITH, DAVID or SMITH, DAVID ANDREW.

Level 1 - The Exact Match

This will attempt to find only those entries that exactly match the supplied Family Name and Given Names. Thus if SMITH, DAVID is supplied, those entries that have a full name of SMITH, DAVID will be shown in the result set.

Only exact matches are returned at this stage, so the following variations would all be missed: SMITHSON, DAVID; SMITH, DAVIDA; or SMITH, DAVE etc.
If there are more than 100 entries of SMITH, DAVID the search will be aborted and further information (such as a second given name) will need to be entered.

Level 2 - The Exact Initial Match

This search will refine the criteria to find those entries that match with the initials of one or more of the supplied given names and exactly match the other given name and surname. Thus if SMITH, DAVID ANDREW is supplied, those entries that have SMITH, DAVID A or SMITH, ANDREW D will be shown. In addition, if three given names are supplied, this search will return any entries that match on two of the three given names, as well as those that match on one given name and one initial.

Level 3 - The Secondary Match

This search will attempt to find any entries that satisfy the criteria even if the match is not exact. Thus if SMITH, DAVID ANDREW is supplied, any entries that have the surname SMITH and a given name of either DAVID or ANDREW will be shown.

Level 4 - The Secondary Initial Match

This search will attempt to find any entries that satisfy the criteria based on the given name initials, even if the match is not exact.


Why was the exact match for my search criteria followed by a browse list of possible matches?

The result set is returned in score order so an exact match will appear at the top of the results but the database will proceed through as many as four levels of searching until all entries have been found or the limit of 100 entries has been exceeded. The ASIC has developed this search process as the most reliable and effective way to ensure that individuals are identified regardless of minor naming discrepancies or variations.

Why is there no extract available for the name I have selected?

Occasionally a name may appear on your browse list but no extract is available for selection because the individual in question is associated with a business rather than a company. The state where the business is registered has notified the ASIC of the information but no further details are available through the ASIC or CITEC Confirm.

How many results can be returned for a single Personal Name Search?

There is a limit of 100 results per search. If more that 100 entries are found at any time, then the search will be stopped. A note on the results screen will advise you that further matches may exist, giving you an opportunity to refine your criteria before resubmitting the search.

Will I be charged for selecting multiple listings from a single browse list?

Some individuals may have multiple entries on the ASIC register because of data differences such as their place of birth. Each of these entries will appear separately on your browse list, and each will only retrieve the information entered for that particular entry. To ensure that you get all available information, select each entry for that individual and submit them at the same time. In this instance you will receive results for each selection for the cost of a single selection.

For multiple selections to be provided at a single fee, the names must be selected from the browse list at the same time. Selecting and viewing a single entry from the browse list, then returning to the browse list and making another selection (even a different entry for the same person) will result in a second charge.

What does the "Display Members (Shareholders)" search parameter do?

Selecting 'Yes" for "Display Members (Shareholders)" will return the organisations where the individual is a shareholder (now referred to as Members). This information will only be shown for Proprietary Companies, not Public Companies.