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ASIC Banned and Disqualified Register Search FAQ

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What kind of information is listed in a Banned and Disqualified Register Extract?

This register contains details only of those persons who are disqualified from managing companies under the Corporations Act where ASIC receives express notice of the disqualification under the Act.

There are other circumstances in which a person may be disqualified from managing a corporation, for example, where the person is an undischarged bankrupt or has been convicted of certain offences involving dishonesty. ASIC does not record such disqualifications in this register.

An Extract will include information on an individual such as their address, the date(s) the bans commenced and ceased, and whether a ban is under appeal.

What registers are available for the Banned and Disqualified Register Extract?

The Registers available include:

  • Disqualified Persons
  • Banned Securities Representatives
  • Banned Futures Representatives

How many results can be returned for a single Banned and Disqualified Register Search?

There is no limit on the number of results per search. Refining your criteria before resubmitting the search will reduce the number of matches found.

How does the Banned and Disqualified Register Search find results by name?

A search by name is based on the characters provided. For example, if you have entered SM, the result will list all names starting with SM.


Entering more than two characters will refine the search and reduce the number of matches.